OT301 Amsterdam, Residency program

  • Deadline:
    July 1, 2014, midnight
  • Location:
    OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, 1054 HW, NL

Residency program founded: 2013 | Language: English / Dutch | Outcome: Presentation | Duration: Maximum three months

OT301 offers
* A low rent studio/living space on the third floor of the main building
 - a maximum stay of three months with at least one presentation in the building
 - participation in discussions and the program of OT301/EHBK
* Networking opportunities

Paid by artist
The rental fee of the studio per month is € 400 for one person and € 450 for two people.

We don't work with a deadline. You can apply all year long. Let us know your preferred time-frame.

Read more and apply here: http://otresidency.org

Accommodation information
The OT residency space is located on the 3rd floor of the main building. It’s a cozy studio that is divided in two sections. A bedroom and a studio with a small kitchen. All modestly equipped. The size of the room is 42 m2, the bedroom is 14 m2, and the studio is 28 m2. The shower and the toilet are shared facilities in the hallway of the building. Important to note: The building can be noisy sometimes. It’s part of the building and it’s living and working conditions.

Short info about OT301
OT301 is a artist organization in Amsterdam, exploring the possibilities to open up our main building by hosting a residency program in one of our studios. OT301 is located in the former film academy next to the Vondelpark at Overtoom 301. It was originally squatted in 1999, then bought by association in 2007. There is a venue, a cinema, a gallery, a culture-kitchen, a recording studio, a theater-studio and a body-lab as well as people living and working in their studios.

OT301 prefers the residency to be mutual beneficial to all involved. Therefore each applicant is asked to explain explicitly why he or she is interested in renting a space in the building. We are looking for people that take their stay serious and that are ready to integrate and participate in the collective structure of the EHBK association.

Application Guidelines and Criteria
Applicants must have an interest to participate in the collective. Writers, researchers, organizers and artists are invited to integrate in the organization while focusing on a connection, a theme, problem or case related to OT301. Applications include a project, plan or approach to integrate into the building and organization with additional documentation like text, image and cv.

A residency period lasts a maximum of three months. The committee People and Spaces will carefully review the applications. All applicants will be notified of the outcome.

For more information about the building and our activities: look on the website http://OT301.nl or send an email to info@otresidency.org

With this residency program OT301 aims to
* Use the residency program as a social experiment to gather more external and objective knowledge about the ins and outs of the organization.

* Open up our building even more to an (inter)national network of socially and politically engaged people
- develop a continually evolving organic residency module for temporary participation in our collective organization: development is shaped by the residents.