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UM - International Festival for Experimental and Mixed Media

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UM is one of Portugal’s first mixed media arts festivals.

UM brings together international and national artists and practitioners interested in creating media works, which mix disciplinary techniques and different forms of technologies, to create interactive, playful and participatory media works. The 2008 programme focus is on gesture and movement.

UM will take place across central Lisbon - Bairro Alto, Chiado and Santos - in new spaces, artist lead independent venues, cultural meeting places and outside in public squares and on the street.

Um includes one exhibition, concerts and performances, worskhops, seminars.


Exhibition: 19 June - 3 July
Conscious Space, Sonia Cillari, NL
Tape Loop, André Gonçalves, PT
Crackle Canvas, Tom Verbruggen, NL
Patchery, Laetitia Morais, PT
Come and See the View, Kathy Hinde, UK
Delicate Boundaries, Chris Sugrue, US

Concerts and Performances - 20 - 21 June
Andy Moor, NL
A Cable Plays, Chris Surgue, US and Damian Stewart, NZ/PT
N.I.P. collective, UK/NL/PT
Goodiepal, FO/UK
Rudolfo Quintas, PT
Turntable Reconstructions, DJ Sniff, US/NL
TokTek, NL

Seminars - 20 - 21 June

Panel 1: Gesture and Movement Based Interfaces
Ivan Franco, Creative Director of Y-Dreams and artist, PT
Frank Baldé, STEIM, designer, NL
Adriana Sa, artist and musician, PT
Chair: Takuro Lippit, musician and Artistic Advisor/STEIM, NL

Panel 2: Landscape, Enviroment and Movement
Pedro Appleton, PT - architect, Promontorio Architecture
Gonçalo Velho, PT - researcher and anthropologist, Instituto Politécnico de Tomar & The Oporto Faculty of Arts
John Klima, US/PT - artist and game designer (tbc)
Chair: Rui Trindade, CADA, PT

Panel 3: People, Place and Distributed Communities
Teresa Dillon, IRE/UK - artist-researcher-director, Polar Produce/N.I.P./UM
Luis Silva, PT - curator, Upgrade! Lisboa and Rhizome
Takuro Lippit, NL - musician and Artistic Advisor, STEIM
Paulo Raposo, PT - musician and director of Sirr records
Chair: Luísa Ribas, FBAUL, PT

Panel 4: Extended Bodies within Mixed Reality Spaces and Places
Paul Sermon, UK
Sonia Cillari, NL

‘Wearin’ it - DIY wearable workshop’, André Gonçalves, PT
‘Wii Undressed’, Frank Balde/STEIM, NL
Build your own electronic noise machine, Tom Bugs, UK
‘Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra’, Goodiepal, (FO/UK)

Initiation/Direction:Polar Produce
Co-Production: CADA (www.cada1.net) + NIP (http://newinterfaces.net/nip)
Funders:DGARtes, MInistério Cultura, PRS Foundation