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Structure for 1482 artworks

ideas welcome


x-arn June 4 2008 11:51Reply

think about interactions between painting and net.art
think about gallery
think about context
think about linking structures
think about systems
think about the artworld
think about self-reference
think about identity
think about the same
think about the other
think about something else

x-arn June 4 2008 14:00Reply

a finished work has no sense

x-arn June 4 2008 14:21Reply

a finished artwork makes no sense.

x-arn June 4 2008 15:55Reply

stop waiting for the new

x-arn June 4 2008 16:16Reply

& don't waste too much time in SL

001.ETC.ORG is pure artcrap

that's why you love them

much more than Manzoni

you're on the right side of beauty?

or on the left?