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0508: NetArt + NetVideo

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0508 : Collective NetArt + NetVideo

May 2008 / San Juan, PR - An art exhibition pilot will begin this coming Thursday, 29 May in the virtual space of the Internet without the need to be in a gallery, see pieces walls and attend the opening ceremony for typical open an exhibition of contemporary art. Through of the page created for the event: http://0508.dondeveoarte.com, 16 artists from Puerto Rico, Miami and Portugal will be part of the first Collective 0508 of work done for the Internet in Puerto Rico. The pieces created for this exhibition include the use of net-art, net-video, blog-art, chat integration, Web cams and pod casts.

The art exhibition organized by the art portal of contemporary arts events in Puerto Rico: http://www.dondeveoarte.com initiates a series of proposals to offer space for arts created exclusively to the Internet. The artists participating located in Puerto Rico: Alejandro Quinteros, Arnaldo Román, Catherine Matos Olivo, Carola Cintrón, Carmen Olmo-Terrasa, Gardy Pérez, Imago + Krypto, Lilliam Nieves, Loredana Hernández, Ozzy Forbes, Pedro Vélez, Teo Freytes, Rosa Irigoyen and Teresa López, Art Kendallman from Miami and Rui Guerra from Portugal. The exhibition will be open to internet users via the webdite http://0508.dondeveoarte.com until August 2008 where the exhibit also will be integrated into other art net portals across the Internet around in the world.

The movement net-art and electronic media are another tool for artists today. Some more sophisticated than others, but somehow most artists experience or interacts with Internet today. One reason that motivates this collective is the daily necessity of wanting to know what is happening in the world right away. That is why people are using the Internet more than ever. It is more than read and get information but to create that information and data, text, images and videos. People want to document their lives; their communities and the Internet has become a tool for everyone, not only for a few. There is a new reason for going to the internet and look at art work, because there are more interaction than ever, tools are more accessible and the connections are more accessible to the communities.

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