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Reproof Reading - The Hyperliterature Exchange, May 2008


New on The Hyperliterature Exchange for May 2008: a review of 'Le Reprobateur/The Reprover' by Francois Coulon.

"The central conceit of Le Reprobateur is the profession of Reprobateurs or Reprovers, whose practitioners hire themselves out to act as external consciences for their weaker-willed clients. They stand alongside those clients throughout their daily lives and silently disapprove of any immoral or self-indulgent behaviour on their part, thereby helping them to lose weight, stop overspending, work harder, keep their tempers, and so forth… Le Reprobateur… exudes selfconfidence, playfulness and humour; it attempts to do a lot of things at once, and by and large it succeeds in everything it attempts…"

To read the whole review, go to http://www.hyperex.co.uk/reviewreprobateur.php .

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- Edward Picot
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