Woodshop Workshop

  • Location:
    New York

Woodshop Workshop
June 8th or June 15th
Registration Deadline June 5th or June 12th
Times - June 8th - 3-6p or June 15th 11a-2p
Member price - $80
Non-member price - $100

This workshop will cover shop safety and limited yet key woodworking methods. The procedures taught will give you the skill set necessary to use the wood shop safely and it will introduce you to woodworking practices. The following will be demonstrated: tool operation (from the table saw to the joiner), appropriate techniques for cutting and joining, and tool setup and maintenance. Woodworking tips on cutting, assembly, and critical thinking in the shop environment, as well as basic joinery.

Each section of this class is identical, we are merely offering two because of the Workshop's growing popularity. Class price pays for enrollment in 1 of the 2 class sections. Be sure to let us know which!