evolutionaere zellen - last call

evolutionaere zellen

-self-initiated design of social perspectives-

a competition endowed with -NEW- 15,000 Euro in prize money

LAST CALL - The deadline for entries is: August 31, 2002

How do you design your society?

New approaches to shaping social conditions often emerge under the pressure
of current social conditions, or out of a desire to express individual
needs, wants and convictions. Everyday economic, political and family
contexts and conventions, communication forms and work structures become too
narrowly defined or prove to be poorly suited to solving actual problems or
living up to ideas.

The desire to change the societal state of being with new ideas is often met
with initial resistance, leading to the question as to which form an idea
should assume in order to be convincing to others while still satisfying
one's own expectations. Accordingly, new ideas, innovations and social
alternatives are first developed and tested in smaller contexts, in the form
of societal