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:::::::::::::::::::August 2002:::::::::::::::::

Well then, what a hectic month!! Been very busy getting the NEW POGOGALLERY
together. So we're back with a new posse to help out.

Loads of new stuff for all you pogoers to play around with. Try out the BRAND NEW
FORUM and start threading, join in the discussions, start your own,

We've got a basic CHATROOM built its only basic until we finish the new one so go there and start chattin. Theres some more SUBMISSIONS on the Submission Showcase page, we're still in the process of getting together more work so keep sending them in and we'll keep up-dating it

Theres NEW LISTINGS for August, and if you want to find out even more events and happenings then check out our forum as there you can read and post your own stuff.

We've also got a few more REVIEWS and some picture of ourselves out and about in LONDON, NEWYORK and GERMANY.

Jon Burgerman has made another MONTHLY ANIMATION for us so make sure you check
it out.

Pogogallery is looking for SPONSORS for our London Show so if you have any
small change or vast sums of money then please get in contact.

Anyhow thats all for now, keep posted

Kind regards

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Pogogallery is run by artists based in East London and is a non-profit making project.