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Outside In

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At the beginning of the 21st Century we find ourselves viewing images that have been manipulated in ways that even 10 years ago we would never have thought possible. Instead of allowing a more accurate portrayal of reality these images emphasise the hyper-real, and as a result the viewer can never be sure of the ‘true’ picture.

For centuries we have sought to re-create and contain versions of reality within technological confines and Outside In references this, making connections between traditional and contemporary forms of communication, capture and representation. Inside the camera obscura the path of light is left untampered and unadorned. It provides the viewer with a cinematic experience that captures life on the street outside without the use of modern technology - an unconscious projection with light as the only editor. Using nothing but light, an opening and darkness Outside In creates a story through moving images - in this case our daily lives - invoking the idea of surveillance as entertainment.

April 17-18-19, 14:00 - 18:00

Caravansarai: Aynali Çeşme Cad. 6, Tepebaşı Istanbul, Turkey

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