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Call for entries: SFC - Shoah Film Collection

  • Deadline:
    July 1, 2013, midnight

Call for entries
Deadline: 1 July 2013

27 January 2013 - International Holocaust Memorial Day

SFC - Shoah Film Collection
is launching the new call for entries from the coming year.

Founded in 2010, SFC - Shoah Film Collection -http://sfc.engad.org - is a unique international initiative
by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne. director of Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards http://camia.newmediafest.org,
addressed to young artists and filmmaker generations to deal with the topic of "collective trauma caused by totalitarism", and in special the Holocaust, by using new technologies and contemporary approaches in order to keep vivid the memory by sentitizing via art. The collection is encompassing meanwhile more than 50 outstanding works of "art & moving images" (experimental film, videoart and documentary).

A selection was presented already in 2011 in Russia, Poland and Romania, and as a result of these experiences a special event context has been created for presenting SFC -Shoah Film Collection to an audience, i.e. A Virtual Memorial - Commemorative Interventions - http://sfc.engad.org/blog/ - placing the collection of films into the context of complementary lectures, a symposion, exhibitions, artists talks, discussions and much more in order to activate the artists, as well as the audience.
In 2012, the first three events took place in Latvia - "A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012" standing under the Patronage of European Parliament, in Cambodia "A Virtual Memorial Phnom Penh 2012" - dedicated to the victims of the Cambodian genocide 1975-1979, and in Poland "A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2012" - dedicated to the victims of Warsaw Ghetto - 1940-1943 - http://sfc.engad.org/blog/?page_id=322- , and also in 2013 several events are scheduled, among them "A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013" - including several venues in Lithuania in Sept/Oct 2013 - http://vilnius2013.a-virtual-memorial.org - standing under the Patronage of European Parliament.

In 2012, SFC - Shoah Film Collection became the founding base for the all encompassing project "CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections" - http://ctf.engad.org - dealing with "collective trauma caused by totalitarism" world wide since there is nearly no place left on the globe whose inhabitans do no suffer from historical or most recent crimes against humanity as the can be perceived daily via the information media - The message of this initiative is - "Never More!"

Each year on occasion of the Liberation of the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz, on 27 January,
SFC is releasing a new call, and now it is so far for 2013.

Please find the entry details on

Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards
CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections
SFC - Shoah Film Collection

artvideo (at) koeln.de