Terrra Incognita. Tell Your story! - CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 17, 2003, 2:52 p.m.


Terrra Incognita. Tell Your story!
new media workshop

27 October-2 November 2003
Cluj, Romania

AltArt Foundation, with support from the European Cultural Foundation, organises the workshop Terrra Incognita. Tell Your story! which will take place in Cluj, Romania from 27th of October till 2nd of November 2003.

The Terra Incognita project series is committed to the discovery of new territories in cyberspace, by developing Internet content about socially, politically, ideologically or geographically isolated cultures - ones net-citizens aren't aware of. Terra Incognita 1 took place in 2000, and explored the cultures and civilization of Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal. Terra Incognita 2, within a computer game-like framework targeted towards the general public- took place in 2001, taking a community of over 5000 members to various objectives in Cuba and Jamaica.

Terra Incognita Tell Your story! project focuses on exploring the diversity of the urban environment. The workshop will bring together new media artists from different countries in Europe. During the one-week workshop the participants will explore the urban landscape in Cluj, meet people and learn about their stories and then re-tell these stories using different new media art forms - short films, animations, photographs, hypertext, and audio sequences.

For more information on the event and the application package please visit www.altart.org. The application form should be retuned by e-mail at terraincognita@altart.org as soon as possible but not later than by Friday, October 3, 2003.

Rarita Szakats
project coordinator

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Cluj, Romania
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