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  • Deadline:
    April 26, 2012, 6:30 p.m.
  • Location:
    iZMiR Painting and Sculpture MUSEUM, Mithatpasa Caddesi No: 94, Konak/ iZMiR, TR

31.st Turgut Pura Art Prize will be the first international one. The prize which gets its name from the acclaimed sculptor Turut PURA will award prizes this year for painting, sculpture and life time achievement in art.

This year the organization commitee decided to award Burhan Dogancay for life time achievement. Dogancay will accept this award this month in Bodrum but artists still have time to apply for painting and sculpture prizes till 2012-04-26.

The winners will recieve 5000.TL each (approximately 2500 USD)and all selected art will be exhibited as a grand exhibition. The show will be between May 25th and June 3rd at Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum.

The foundation is established by Gungor PURA in 1981. The organization comitee is led by Kayhan Kirmizigul and the concultants are; Genco GULAN and Marcus GRAF.

Jury for painting: Burcu PELVANOGLU, Greg WOLFF, Marcus GRAF and Turan AKSOY.

Jury for sculpture: Genco GULAN, Gunnur OZSOY, Mike BERG and Seckin PiRiM.

This year for the first time the applications can be made online through http://turgutpura.com/basvuru/basvuru_eng.php

OR by sending an image of your art together with your bio to: info@turgutpura.com and/or festivalconceptint@gmail.com

For more info please contact:
Neslihan KiRMiZiGUL
Tel: 90 232 422 3286