guest lucturers program

  • Deadline:
    Aug. 11, 2003, 5:33 a.m.

Guest Lecturers Program - Academic Year 2003/2004

Deadline for proposals: September, 10th 2003

Camera Obscura - school of art, was established in 1978, and is today the largest educational institution in Tel-Aviv for the study of cinema, video, Digital Media and photography. The school offers a four-year academic program in three departments-Cinema & Video, Photography, and Digital Media-in addition to a three-year academic program in Script Writing and in Journalism & Communication.

Camera Obscura has always aspired to keep abreast of the latest intellectual and technological developments, while remaining firmly anchored in tradition, by featuring a dynamic study program, which is constantly updated in accordance with the technological and cultural developments of our age.

Over the years, Camera Obscura has executed special projects in which guests from abroad were invited to deliver lectures and workshops in the framework of the school.

And now, in the occasion of our school's 25th anniversary, we are initiating a special guest lecturers program, in which we invite guests from all over the world. Camera Obscura is now aiming at expanding the long traditional international relations, in constituting a constant dialogue between our faculty and students, and between artists from various creative environments, in order to widen our artistic perspectives. Artists and experts from the fields of Cinema, photography, New Media and Script writing, are to be invited for a period of 2-3 weeks to deliver workshops and lectures in their fields of specialization.

The guest lecturer is intended to deliver lectures in the school for three days in a week, following a specifically developed program, which will be planned in particular, as required.
The basic formation of the two-week lecture program consists of:
>5 meetings of 3 hours each, with two distinguished groups (morning and afternoon);
>Two lectures (one for students and one for the faculty) and two critic sessions.

"Camera Obscura" will be providing a flight ticket and accommodation for the guests.

The school is equipped with a photographic laboratory, a photography studio, a computer room and class rooms with a computer, vhs, sound system and a projector.

Qualified lecturers are invited to apply for this program by e-mail, including the following details:

Full Name
e-mail address
Proposed workshops:
Workshop 1 (Lower level)
Workshop 2 (Upper level)
Proposed lectures
Technical requirements

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