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Call for sound art - Behind Closed Doors.

  • Deadline:
    Aug. 10, 2011, 11:20 p.m.
  • Location:
    Stian [con] temporary art gallery, Kölleröd 7374, Hörby, S-24291, SE

Call for sound art.
Behind Closed Doors.
Sound art exhibition at the Stian [con] temporary art gallery in Kölleröd, Sweden.
Curated by Anders Weberg.
The artworks will be played behind an old red door. The door will be locked with the sound pieces inside.
Visitors will be able to hear it if they come close to the door. Best experienced with the ear against the door.
The door will not be opened as long as the exhibition last.
Looking for sound artists willing to interpret the phrase "Behind Closed Doors".
Five artists will be selected for the exhibition.
Not open for Swedish artists.
The exhibition will run August 14 - August 31.
A pdf catalogue will be produced.
Guidelines for submission.
- Theme: Behind Closed Doors .
- One single piece of sound art may be submitted
- Format: mp3
- Duration: minimum 3 min, maximum 15 min.
- An artist's statement about the creation of the sound work and concept should be sent as well.
- The artist/author keeps all rights on the submitted soundwork and statement
- The file must be sent online using an upload/download service like sendspace, etc.
Please email the complete entry form below including the requested info
material to stian.gallery@gmail.com no later than August 10.
Entry form
full name
short biography/CV (not more than 300 words in English)
title (one work only)
statement (no more than 1000 words in English)
The submitter declares and confirms
that he/she is holding all author’s rights
and gives permission to include the submitted work
at Stian [con] temporary art gallery until revoke.
Signed by (submitter)