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Disrupting the Body

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The nude has been the most popular subject throughout the history of art. It has also been the most controversial. This one week workshop is about disrupting the body, the human form. We will begin by challenging our preconceptions of this classic subject by looking at historical concepts and uses of the body in art. We have so many ideas of what a nude is supposed to look like, that one of the most important and difficult challenges is putting those aside to see the form that is actually in front of us. Identifying our preconceptions of the body is the first step to seeing this magnificent and rich subject in new ways and with fresh eyes.
Media & Techniques We will shoot with digital cameras. Assignments are designed to challenge the student to see the nude in different ways.
Activities The mornings will be full of discussions and critiques. In the afternoon we will photograph models on location working on specific assignments.

This workshop runs June 2-6 and is taught by Connie Imboden. Click link above or call 970-923-3181 for full details.