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Art and Technology: Changing Paradigms

  • Deadline:
    April 20, 2011, midnight
  • Location:
    SECAC, Savannah , Georgia, US

2011 SECAC conference
November 9-12, 2011

Please send all submissions - as well as any questions you may have - to Belinda Haikes, belhaikes@yahoo.com or Gary Keown, gkeown@selu.edu. Please put in the subject line SECAC.

The Panel:
Art and Technology: Changing Paradigms

With continuous advancements in technology within many expected areas of visual arts, there are some disciplines where this is not so expected. Photography has for a time seen an evolution from traditional processes to that of digital camera usage and various printing techniques including the giclée print. There have also been new practices in printmaking that utilize digital software, printing, and the combination of the traditional with these current approaches. New technologies are being adopted in drawing and painting. Sculpture is embracing new advancements using three-dimensionalprinting through three-dimensional modeling software along with output to various devices both in additive and subtractive processes. This session will focus on these new and at times unexpected implementations of advanced technology in the teaching of art and the practice by professional artists where the work utilizes these contemporary methods.

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