Curated by Ramona
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This exhibit is best received through tight headphones-perhaps audio fragments will then sound familiar and you will stop wondering why memory failed you when trying to find out what Mary said about John. This is a collection of pieces that dwell into the obsessive world of audio surveillance: eavesdropping. These works are an exploration of the nature of the practice and the ways in which we choose to store this secretly gathered information. The artists probe into the nature of the biological processes of memory thus creating such thorough storage methods as algorithms. Several chose to render this audio in an updated version. They either included fragments from prerecordings, such as movie clips, or remixed in other ready made sound, perhaps as commentary on the nature of our sound memory and its susceptability to change with time. The art work to which this exhibit is dedicated and appropriated after, MTAA's TO BE LISTENED TO, is a celebration of available audio and truly encourages the listeners to engage with the audio. Ultimately what we care about is listening in: listening in on them, on the willful participants, on you listening to them now, on me wanting to listen in on it.

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