Internet blackwhole (2005)

Curated by leif BRUSH
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--On Wednesday, March 10, 2004 12:06 PM -0600 Leif Brush wrote: Correct spelling Ekman* CONCEPT: enter Internet's blackwhole with what *inspiration THE EPHEMERAL, LISTENING and "SEEING" its imagery as a perpetual generational process of contextualized realtime combinations conjoined with terrestrial and extraterrestrial phenomena; global inputs from listening participants who monitor and offer their physical sources to create a unique and temporally constructed epicentral whole within the Internet's blackwhole. This project seeks to attach to the consciousness of people in a way not unlike the embedding of childhood sounds in long-term memory. REVISITED SOUNDS REINVIGORATE THE PRESENT. THE MELDING OF NATURAL ENERGIES IS A SATISFYING HUMAN EXPERIENCE. This temporality inherent process would rely on the voltages from physical nature's processes to offer this inclusive listeners' connection. An undeniably personal possession. Recordings? I feel no need as our planet's clockwise motion slows further, changing cloud configurations appear as strangers to those who have spent their lives studying and archiving them. How can this project be delivered and received to/from the Interent? A requisite necessary for listening in on such a complex playing ideally be a solar powered demultiplexing receiver, to reconstitute (receive) the multiplexed input. A personal computer projection set-up may include an installed speaker environment behind and beneath walls, floor and ceiling. HOW DOES ONE PARTICIPATE? Through getting the words and actions out of mouths and minds. This Internet page announces, for starters, an annual summer solstice project, using realtime DSPd imaging and sound as process. Through identifying contributor sound-imaging resources: hardware; software; Internet time zone and seasonal differences; set-ups for Internet tests and delivery strategies and coordinated Longitude and Latitudinal sites of global contributors. AMPLIFICATIONS FROM from the world wired for what, CONTRIBUTE WHAT? My own monitored vibrations: Solar panels turned on myriad pre-amped sensors to overhear and "see" vibrations not readily heard, technically deliverable holographically and audibly together in space. A tree trunk's groans, a shimmering heat eddy could both be "seen" and heard. SOUNDS GATHERED for aural-vision by the use of crystal, triaxial acellerometer, proximity, hydrophone, infrared, DSPd imaging and other optical/vibratonal input sensors. Sounding sites are requested from you.

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