Rhizome Member Exhibitions
Presenting new media in innovative and challenging ways is a key part of Rhizome's mission. Throughout our history, Rhizome has organized exhibitions online and also in the galleries of partner spaces, including our affiliate the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Rhizome also invites our community to organize online exhibitions from our online archive, the ArtBase.
Recent member exhibitions

Interactive art: art to have fun

Since digital art came into thiss world, artist have gained more ways and possibility to show their art, for example, films, music, internet, and so on. From 1969, many artists started thinking that the environment and interaction can be ...


Curated by Matt Bennett

Heterotextuality consists of works that use text in interesting and unique ways. Some of these works of art require user participation while others are for viewing purposes only. All works in this exhibition use text digitally, which allows for more ...

Animation evolving to Virtual Reality

Curated by Oliver Kaz

I have always been fascinated with the capabilities of virtual reality and with the fast evolving technology in form of portable devices and network I can see the future heading to nothing else than virtual realit

Artists include: andre sier, Jing Zhou, Caroline MABY