Rhizome Member Exhibitions
Presenting new media in innovative and challenging ways is a key part of Rhizome's mission. Throughout our history, Rhizome has organized exhibitions online and also in the galleries of partner spaces, including our affiliate the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Rhizome also invites our community to organize online exhibitions from our online archive, the ArtBase.
Recent member exhibitions

Urban Simplicity

Curated by Corey Davis

"Weird, I don't get it. What are they thinking?! Cool. Ugly. Awesome. There's a message here."
Art I feel, should invoke responses as well as be seen by as many people as possible. Creating art is accomplished in ...

Zero to One

Curated by Jamie

Zero to One is a series of works that, overall, addresses a typically American or Western viewpoint about Consumer Culture and the value and power of money within that culture. Also taken into consideration within the series is the digitalization ...

Generative Art

Curated by David Faller

While generative art is widely considered a genre of art, it is not strictly a genre as other types of art are. Generative art is more concerned with the process of its own creation rather than the reason for its ...