Stilllives (2011)

Stilllives is a hypnotic, single-channel HD video loop which exists in a world between high and low art. A colored table cloth falls from the sky onto an unseen table, followed by objects which bounce and arrange themselves in a precarious narrative formation. When the objects come to rest, the scene is obscured by another table cloth and the cycle continues.

Full Description

single-channel video loop 2:00 min Limited Edition of 10 DVDs 2011

"It's a phenomenally addictive video - something akin to the cross between a pop video, a video game, a magician's act and a Dutch still life. Totally hilarious while being gluttonous, perverse and twisted" --Reggie Rodrigue, The Daily Visionary Post

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Artist Statement

Stilllives is a visual morse code of objects and images. The objects behave like sequences of words comprising sentences punctuated by the drop of each new table cloth. It's a subliminal language that communicates on an subliminal level with rhythm and symbols creating colorful, musical speech from an origin that is amusing, positive, and empowering.

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