Continuing Education for Dead Adults (2010)

by 1049285

Performance at the New Museum, 2008

Full Description

Performance at the New Museum. Part of the New Silent Series.

Three multi-media performances that riff off the consequences of youth pop culture and adolescent education. East Coast collective Paper Rad premieres two videos: "Problem Solvers" (20 min, 2008) and a short entitled "crank dat spongebob batman dropdead robocop" (3 min, 2008), a ride through Youtube narcissism. New York artist Ben Coonley presents a new performance entitled 'Kindred Spirits is the Working Title,' (15 min, 2008) and Providence-based experimental band Wizardzz (featuring members of Lightning Bolt) will perform in front of a mesmeric animated tapestry composed of images taken from the Web.

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Artist Statement

This performance channeled the spirit of the New Museum's then-recently-opened Bowery space (especially its chroma-key green elevators).


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