STAR Radio (2006)

STAR radio was a 1 week boadcasting event for the Splott, Tremorfa,Adamsdown and Roath areas of Cardiff (an acronym of STAR) STAR Radio transmited radio programmes made in collaboration with people who lived in the area in response to aspects of STAR. There were also 17 artist projects, each artist was invited to make an audio project about an aspect of the area. STAR Radio now exists online as an audio archive.Each project can be downloaded and listened to and, within this context, the programmes seek to transend their geographic location. In Effect the STAR area is a model or representative of all cities.

Full Description

STAR Radio : A psycho - topography of place

STAR Radio was a broadcasting event for the Splott, Tremorfa, Adamsdown and Roath areas of Cardiff (UK). Over one week in October 2005 it transmitted documentaries, sound projects, radio plays and live programs across the area, programs which had been made in situ, in response to S.T.A.R over a period of 6 months prior to the event.

STAR Radio explored the specificity of a one- mile suburban area. In exploring this place, through its multiplicity, the project sought to create a relationship between the macro and the micro. In looking very closely at the specifics of one place (does?) one discovers all places, all people and in fact, find all the world, here.

The radio project created not just a one week broadcast but also an archive, a topography of sound projects, about this place. This archive is documented online and also in a book called STAR : A psycho - topography of place. (email for more details).

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