Year created:


Windows Real

With Windows Real users can experience a absolutely new User Interface. It was the result of an interface seminar I gave at Merz Akademie Stuttgart in summer 2007.

The project was presented by:

Christoph Brandin and Marc Neubauer

User — David Ikuye

Icons (in order of booting):

Internet Explorer — Paul Steinhilber

Computer — Thilo Schulz

My Files — Isabel Reuter

Recycle Bin — Emanuel Sch√§dler

Taskbar — Marc Neubauer

Mouse Cursor — Benjamin Wingert

New Folder: Alexander Schlegel

MP3 file — himself

File Sharer — Benjamin Wingert

Fredo — Christopher Molka

Bluescreen — Marc Neubauer

Continuity: Ingo Kollek

Camera: Tobias Mikl

Directed by: Julia Doktorowski

Montage: Tobias Mikl

Supported by: Julia Doktorowski, Ingo Kollek and Isabel Reuter

Audiovisual Systems:

Christopher Molka, Marc Neubauer, Christoph Brandin and Paul Steinhilber


Julia Doktorowski, David Ikuye, Paul Steinhilber, Alexander Schlegel and Isabel Reuter

Icons created by:

Thilo Schulz, Christopher Molka, Tobias Mikl, Ingo Kollek, Emanuel Schädler, Benjamin Wingert

Location Scouts:

Christoph Brandin and Marc Neubauer