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The concept of the "virtual museum" has been used for everything which has involved both the computer and the museum simultaneously. Such disparate concepts as museum installations, web representations of museums, and 3D animations have all been summarized under the very same heading. Above all, these so-called "virtual museums" rarely possess any of the formal characteristics we might typically ascribe to notions of "virtual reality." Therefore, it would seem that a definition of terms, which should enable us to handle the concept better, is in order.

For this purpose, I have chosen two categories "online" and "net." "Net" projects are those which specifically define new expressions of museological activity or an art project made specifically for exhibition on the internet. "Online" projects are simply common museum websites. By specifying the difference in these terms, I intend to make a distinction between 'virtual' institutions and traditional ones. "Virtual Museum" is an expandable, live archive with regularly updated web pages and content. It can be updated and enhanced very quickly and simply. I encourage everybody who reads this to send links and information!!!

The motivation behind this project is my interest in determining the status quo in this area of the internet and indentifying current trends in museological practices online. As a prospective exhibition designer, I am primarily concerned with the similarities and differences between traditional museum spaces and virtual ones emerging on the internet. In considering these issues I hope to develop what should become the next logical step in my work.