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Tickets To The Sunset

Tickets To The Sunset: I am selling tickets to a number of sunsets in various locations around the US through Ticketweb, the web and phone only division of Ticketmaster. The tour goes anti-clockwise around the United States, with dates from April to June 2005. These are legitimate events made from a legitimate Ticketweb account set up for this purpose with Ticketmaster's knowledge; this is not a system hack.

"The Sunset" tickets are printed by Ticketweb with the latitude and longitude of the specific city, and with the disclaimer, "Money back guarantee if the sun does not set." Tour merchandise in the form of buttons, t-shirts, and authentic Jay Ryan ( tour posters are sold on A field recording of the March 16, 2005 Chicago sunset made for this project by recording engineer Steve Albini will be released on iTunes, Napster, and all other mp3 outlets on May 31, 2005.

Tickets to the Sunset is a time-based solar transaction.

Note: The website which you see saved on Rhizome is a snapshot of what happened on Ticketweb; if you click on the "Search Ticketweb" link you'll access a saved archive of what Ticketweb looked like in the middle of the Solar Transaction Event.