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The Profane Earth

The Profane Earth is a series of poems (originally published in book form and under the same name by Mansfield Press) embodied as virtual reality worlds.

Why poetry as virtual worlds? Throughout the years, I came to see 3d creation and poetry are not that far apart. For what is poetry if not an architecture of memory? What is poetry if not an architecture of sounds and images? What is poetry if not a world whose texture is the intertwining of emotions within the senses? What is poetry if not a space that the reader must sow with his own emotions? A poem is a world unto itself, one of almost unlimited scope (when the poem is successful). When one reads a poem, one goes through spaces of emotions. In fact, a successful poem is a virtual world in which one navigates. Poetry and the virtual are much closer than we think.

And so my 3d creations are architectures of memory, a nave to be filled with the user's emotional texture. As is the case in a cathedral, I want these quiet spaces to trigger the release of emotions within the user, ultimately, if successful, drawn him into his own thoughts. I want my spaces to allow for a dialogue between the virtual architecture and the user's emotion. I aim for my spaces to penetrate the user's memory and compel him into texturing the surrounding virtual space with his emotions. I aim to create an architecture that is both physical and poetic, both virtual and literary, both present in space and shaped by the mind.