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slipstreamandromeda is an interactive work that explores memory and desire by layering three flash movies --"slipstream," "breathing," and "nightmoves" -- with text written in English, German and French. The text and image are each derived from existing literature:

"slipstream" -- Gerard Manley Hopkins' "Spelt from Sybil's Leaves"

"breathing" -- Franz Kafka's "The Castle"

"nightmoves" -- Julien Green's "Paris"

The music, nocturnal in mood, is from my "SlipstreamChaCha" (2000). Animation slips into a transient architecture, as changeable and restless as the will of the viewer/voyeur. slipstreamandromeda represents the suppressed voice of the object of desire-- as if Andromeda, chained to a rock, can't be seen or heard except through these shifting, translucent layers. Each flash movie has an erotic appeal, and transports users into a strange land.