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Scentsory Design

Scentsory Design® is a film that explores the fusion of 'Emotional Fashion' with health and olfaction science, to create a new concept in perfumery. It is a multi-sensory journey describing the future of fashion and fragrance that goes beyond current microencapsulated techniques, through the inclusion of body sensors and microfluidics that sense and respond to psychological and environmental changes. Inspired by the human body's circulation system and defence mechanism in bombardier beetles, the purpose is to produce an 'aroma rainbow' scent symphony around the user, that changes with emotion.

We are entering a new age of perfumery that will have a radical impact on mental health. Scent has the power to evoke emotions because the olfactory sense impacts directly with the limbic system (our emotional center). Olfactory substances have the power to change electrical brain activity to increase an individual's 'wellbeing'.

Scentsory Design® is a collection of responsive clothing that adds more sensations into the fashion palette in ways that create radical new properties with real benefit. By choosing scent as a tool to enhance the quality and beauty of life, and improve mental and physical wellbeing, the wearer acts on visual cues or detects scent signals, allowing immediate information. The aim is to produce an intimate 'scent bubble' that 'pulses' benefit chemicals in controlled ways responding to personal needs. This allows for efficient scent delivery that is targeted to specific parts of the body. The users confidence in their visual identity is thus enhanced by sensory, psychological and medical wellbeing.