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Perforation #1

Manuel Razzari's "Perforation #1". Some readings.

By Marcelo Terreni

A few key factors must be considered to face Manuel's piece.

My first readings, which I'll refer to now, claim for a reference to what was once exposed by Italian Lucio Fontana.

Taking the principle of reality to an extreme, the Italian artist turned, through his cuts and incisions, the bi-dimensional surface of the canvas into a corporeal space, three-dimensional. There wasn't, to the author, a more real way to represent spatiality: pictorical representation was substituted then by real space.

As tension on Fontana's canvas favored cutting through it and showing "over" the canvas the "behind the picture", Manuel's grace to generate code and a constant quest for conceptual foundations made him able to generate this "incision" on the browser window, which is

often the digital canvas.

"Perforation", through its relation with Fontana's oeuvre, can also be read as a vindication of as a new mean for artistic expression. Almost as if Manuel proposed that "the browser is, in one of its multiple faces, canvas too