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My little store

Arriving in this big city in September, "a little lost, a little curious," I liked this place immediately.

The East Village is a small village in a big city. Meeting with destiny, I decided to rent a little store front on the East side on Eleventh street, at number 520. After some renovations, the space could accommodate my work, an attempt at communication in this foreign country, of sharing and exchanges, of integration. I then installed "The little garden of dreams" and opened my shop windows for the pleasure of us.

The welcome was warm and even beyond all of my expectations, the contact was there. I then decide to push the experiment further, I attached a mailbox on my door, near the shop window, paper, a pen and I suggested to them part in a book. In exchange, I gave up part of my shop window for them to exhibit their messages, in a way that paid them tribute and gave them voice. Then I set up a discreet place behind the installation of "The little garden of dreams," in order to sketch the gawkers and curious, all these anonymous messengers, these neighbors close and far.

This experiment gave birth to another installation "The little museum of souvenir" grouping together more than 106 drawings collected throughout the 45 days of opening. Tribute to these people without "History," acknowledgements, gift of friendship from a shared life.