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marc lin

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motion melody

I do the research about the computer vision/sound visualization and the related concept/technology by participate several art projects with artists. I am interested in discovering the relationship between people, and people and invisible dimensions in physical space. These dimensions like the sound, time, temperature, smell, color, radio/cell phone signals or the atmosphere form a fluid and variably environment. My primary objective is to study the concept of interaction, which involves the rules and meanings of user interactivity and to explore the relationship between reality, and virtual space as well as human beings in a cyber-cultural context.

My work examines a unique property of new media - the ability to use technology to create self-generating and uniquely individual content. Artists can interact with my technology and create a template, then let the artwork generate itself from that template. Every audience member can have a different experience by interacting with this technology. My art is designed for public spaces, allowing pedestrians to become part of the aesthetic process. This permits the widest variation in outcome. Participants become the most important part of the installation and the boundary between participant and artwork is blurred by their interference. The work is not complete without 'user' participation. For the most part, my installation displays the hybrid of virtual space and reality, as well as the translation of different digital information.