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Michelang_IO_lo interprets images.

The algorythm uses the two images seen

by Michelang_IO_lo as that which is

seen by each of the two eyes.

But Software's physics is not the

same as the one found in human bodies,

and Michelang_IO_lo's two eyes can

simultaneously see totally different

things, two different points of view

of the same scenery, the "real" and

the "imaginary". Anything. That can

fit inside a JPEG image.

And software's vision does not aim to

visualize in the same way as the human

eyes do.

Michelang_IO_lo's sight is another one:

mathematical, noisy, digital.

Michelang_IO_lo is a software object:

it analyzes, processes, elaborates.

And it performs Input and Output.

Michelang_IO_lo processes its vision,

transofrming it into sound.

Vision gets sampled, and transformed

into a series of soundwaves that create

sound by superimposion.