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JB Wock

JB Wock is an automatic blogmachine. Almost every night, JB Wock generates text from an algorithm and posts it to his blog. The algorithm follows these simple rules:

1. JB Wock fins a text that he likes on the Internet.

2. He twists the text by substituting words with synonyms.

3. When he's done, he publishes the results in his blog.

Lately, an automatic reader has appeared. Following the same algorithm as JB Wock, he reads the blog's latest post and leaves a comment... JB Wock is an algorithm that writes its own blog. Almost every night, JB Wock finds a phrase on the Internet, twists and tweaks it until its unrecognizable, and then publishes it in the blog. Humans can make comments to JB Wocks posts. Lately, an algorithm that makes comments also made its appearance...