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Cultural globalization is taking place unilaterally, that is from north to south. The important values and knowledge that are traditional to, or arise from marginal cultures are not being intergraded in this process. Intermundos contributes from the south, threw communication and art, so that these values and knowledge may multiply, and in this way also affect the diverse processes that have originated from globalization.

INTERMUNDOS started in 2000 in Bogotá, Colombia. We begun by working with the Colombian hiphop movement, and it is in this area that the project has grown the most. We have an office in Bogotá, that also serves as our hiphop information center. This center focuses on collecting material related to the culture, so as to share it with Bogota's youth. Events and workshops are also organized related to the hiphop movement and we have a weekly radio program.

This website is to be our main window to the world. When I started it, I decided to start working without a fixed plan, I did not want it to be a site with predetermined functions, a static format, and a menu that makes its navigation easier. I wanted the process to evolve in an organic manner. The colors I chose to utilize were influenced from color schemes applied by Latin American indigenous people to their creations. The written content is mainly unedited interviews or transcribed speeches, not interpretations written by third parties, this in order to make possible that the speaker voice her uncensored opinion and for the reader to decipher his own interpretation.

The web site is still in its beginnings. I plan to add more multimedia sections that represent the cultural values of diverse indigenous tribes, like the Kogi, Wayuu and Kuna. Also new gift sections with video clips from Colombia, audio samples and music. The existing sections will also grow and new audio visual reports implemented.

All of our initiatives have been self financed as to date, we are in the process of creating a non profit organization in order to find funding and thus facilitate our processes.