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Instance City

Instance City is presented as a Java Applet in a simple HTML web page.

The aesthetic result of this work seems to a city-profile, a perspective landscape that mixes buildings with a fictitious escape point.

But behind the aesthetic result, the concept of this work, its heart, is the creation-process of every single shape (rectangle), provided by an algorithmic structure with random numbers generation.

Instance City doesn't define in its source-code fixed values for shapes, but only ranges of values combined with random numbers generated in-time when the browser executes the byte-code.

Thus, every city-profile is composed by a random number of rectangles, randomly sized and positioned (following some simple algorithmic rules) in order to obtain, most of the times, a meaningful result on the screen.

Instance City is part of a set of works (called "Class/Instance") based on the same idea: the artwork as a class, a flexible and perpetual generator of instances with the same meaningful aesthetic result.

In this case the generic class (defined in the algorithm) is every time instanced with random numbers to produce an (approximately) unique image on the screen.

To see more Instance City instances, please wait some seconds (8) for the automatic page refresh or refresh the page continuosly in your browser by yourself. After some refreshes you could appreciate the difference between images.

After that you could ask yourself: Do I like instances themselves or Do I like the class behind them?

Riccardo Zanardelli

SUGGESTION: Browse the web page in Fullscreen mode. The page is not built to automatically set the Fullscreen mode for respect with user preferences and expectations, but the Fullscreen mode is strongly recommended to avoid scrolling.