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insect sex

As a media artist, I have naturally been compelled by the energy of web-based communication to endeavour some works for that context. Of course, over time, I couldn't help but notice that some of the most ingenious and cutting edge website technology (for better or worse) are being used by the porn industry. Porn dominates net traffic.

One day I was surfing around, looking through some hack sites and my browser got attacked by a bunch of porn push ads. Nothing new about that, the underworld (underground?) connections of hack and porn are far-reaching. I was surprised this time however, that the ads wanted me to view some 'incest pics'. Suddenly I discovered a web of 'incest' sites, which seemed to me a pretty effective way to repackage ordinary porn as something even more forbidden.

I was particularly impressed by the imaginative phrasings the site's anonymous creators came up with. So, by changing a few words around I tried to usurp the power of their dirty imaginations for a wholesome purpose.

A lot of my work comes from the enquiry into how to use technologies of mass-control for artistic/liberating purposes. These 'incest sites' promised an enormous amount of content, yet clicking around, I found most of the links brought one to the same place. After mulling over it for a few days I decided to clone a couple of the pages I found, and interlink them in a mostly closed loop, change 'incest' to 'insect' and make the pages function as a portal to the fascinating world of incest sex. I could go on, but I'll let you contact me if you wish to discuss this work further...