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For the next twenty years, the fastest growing appliance electrical end-use is projected to be standby power consumption, or the consumption of electricity by appliances that are turned "off" or, more strictly, that are in a "non-active mode". Major driving force for the rapid rise of standby losses is the digitalization of our lifestyle.

FROM HERE ON OUT is an online art project against standby power losses. Fifeteen artists and art groups were invited to take up "shutting down" as an issue.

Contributing artists:

Claudia Blum/Mathias Vetter


Iris Beatrice Baumann/Jan Voellmy

Michael Guenzburger

Ursula Bachman/Leo Bachmann



Christina Hemauer



Herve Graumann

Yves Netzhammer

Relax (Chiarenza & Hauser & Co)

Ursula Palla

Laurent Schmid

On December 11th the FROM HERE ON OUT was presented for the first time in the media art space in Basel.

A second presantaion took place from june 2nd to july 6th at Kunstraum Walcheturm. Six artists were invited for additional contributions. All fifteen works were shown during four weeks in the windows of the art-space.

On September 16th the online art project was nominatetd for the switch award 2004. The awards show will take place on the 19th of october 2004 in the museum of communication in bern.

Webmasters who wish to support the campaign, are invited integrate the On-Out button on their website. The button leads randomly to a statement like: "Standby power losses in Europe equal the energy production of four and a half nuclear power plants." Below that statement one of the art works can be addressed. After the animation has finished the browser window closes.

A lot of backgrond information about standby power losses and internet power consuption can be found on the website

Because of financial reasons not all the texts could be translated into english language until now. Soon all texts will be available in english.

The project FROM HERE ON OUT was made possible by the financial aid from the Amt fuer Umwelt und Energie Basel-Stadt (AUE) and the Elektrizitaetswerk der Stadt Zuerich (EWZ).