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Drifters (The Strolling Stoned)

The intention of the project is to create an online experience that is based on the theories of the Derive. It is an online documentary that is filmed/recorded while drifting through streets of the Sydney Suburb, Glebe.

Our aim, is for the user to explore and discover the Glebe locations through a process that reflects the ideas of the Situationists. This process involves a heightened sensory awareness of one's surroundings when going for a random walk. This differs from a casual stroll in that the "derive" or "drift" in that habits are broken and experiences are attained.

A central theme that we investigate includes the experiences derived from random exploration which is executed without a proposed destination. To emphasize this, the display order of the "locations" and their in-between transitions are randomized. Thus, the experience changes each time this work is re-visited.