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Anatomy of Hope

The Anatomy of Hope website was developed to fill what I felt was a void of emotional, politically aware symbolism on the web. I created it after the attacks on NYC and Washington, times when I felt there was a need to capture the emotions of despair and disillusionment with the world; as well as to provide a critical look at American Culture. I hoped the work would be seen as extremely modern- taking the ashes of what was destroyed and rebuilding a world based on the new ideals we all felt as Americans after the attacks occurred. Unfortunately- and Predictably- the ideals shown in this work are already dated; too honest, too earnest, and irony has taken its place again on the forefront of the American conciousness. I'm glad I made the work, because I feel it documents a particular place for me, a place after September 11th where it seemed like maybe America had awaken to see itself for what it is- instead, we are moving more and more towards the elimination of hope for a better, more open world and society every single day.