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An (extra)ordinary place for a hijacking advertising

While the olympic curtain softly falls on the chinese repression in

Tibet, the imaginary art-group Les Liens Invisibles celebrates the

upcoming Olympic Games with a new fake-based hybridation between art,

activism and advertising strategies.

Exploiting the global visibility of the Olympic Brand, the ambiguous

www.peking2008.com domain has been used by Les Liens Invisibles as a

powerful advertising medium to subvert attention economy mechanisms

and to promote the tactical (ab)use of fake-publishing as a new

paradoxical way to reclaim the Truth.

Have a look at the advertising space

> http://www.peking2008.com

Watch the fake-based advertising spot

> http://www.peking2008.com/ad/

Exclusive! Become a counter-olympic sponsor (*)

> http://www.peking2008.com/sponsors/

Have a fake publishing demonstration. Wear the Olympic Mask

> http://fake.isafake.org/2008/05/19/peking2008/

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> http://fake.isafake.org/category/themes/