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A Cristian view of myself in Caracas


the belief in the reality of the separated or false self, made as substitute for the Self Which God created; the thought of separation that gives rise to sin, guilt, fear, and a thought system based on specialness to protect itself; the part of the mind that believes it is separate from the Mind of Christ; this split mind has two parts: wrong- and right-mindedness; almost always used to denote " wrong-mindedness," but can include the part of the split mind that can learn to choose right-mindedness.

Holy Spirit

the Third Person of the Trinity Who is metaphorically described in the Course as God's Answer to the separation; the Communication Link between God and His separated Sons, bridging the gap between the Mind of Christ and our split mind; the memory of God and His Son we took with us into our dream; the One Who sees our illusions (perception), leading us through them to the truth (knowledge); the Voice for God Who speaks for Him and for our real Self, reminding us of the Identity we forgot; also referred to as Bridge, Comforter, Guide, Mediator, Teacher, and Translator.


our true Identity as Son of God; synonymous with Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity, and contrasted with the ego self we made as a substitute for God's creation; used rarely to refer to the Self of God.