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1953 is a comic series about three people trapped in a room of a house with the address 1953. The year is 1953, and the time is 19:53. Inspired by Sartre's play, "No Exit" this surreal comic explores the disturbing nature of a person conflicted with their identity and how other's perceive them. Laced with absurd conversations, heated and pointless arguments, and creepy confusion. I chose the year 1953 because around that time, there seemed to be magic in the air. Science and inventions had found a way to make life so much easier for women, safer for children, and exciting for men. But there was a decay festering in the dark rhuemy areas incubating beneath the neon turquoise blue plastic couch covers in the family room. Cancer , breakdown of the nuclear family and ideals, weaker antibodies caused by using "too much" new & improved antibacterial soap. There is a lot of regret now and perhaps thoughts like "Maybe the supposed cheaper meat packaging isn't so good. The plastic and styrofoam does things to the mind. Terrible things. And the nose bleeds...." Susie, Dorothy and Bob have found themselves caught in a world that is far removed from the year 1953, and as they blindly forge through the day trapped in their house they find their world has become a place of electric wires criss-crossing through a sky polluted with black soot and faint smell of burning chemicals.