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WILD TORUS is a collaborative platform of Brooklyn-based artists, led by M†ke Vladi VØztok and Amÿ Almá Corazón, who work to create chaotic, cult action happenings within multi-sensory installations. WT aims to create a shared, collective experience with audiences, utilizing a combination of digital and physical means to commemorate both traumatic and phenomenal events that occur in the universe as a whole. Through working in the ephemeral, WT's constructed experiences reach beyond its participants’s consciousness and corporeal positions on Earth. The rituals activate a liminal space-time to deconstruct targeted events in contemporary reality that have been distorted through the Internet, thus requiring alternate manifestations. Ultimately, WT's ritualistic experiences represent the coming together of clashing identities, invented tools, mystical symbols, and physical renderings erupts into an extreme, dystopian spectacle.
Oct. 9 2014 19:30 on Unbound: The Politics of Scanning

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