trudy lane

Pūkorokoro —

Member Since February 25, 2005

Trudy Lane is a designer, artist and curator whose work is ecologically and socially focused, and seeks to create inspiring models of encounter between specialised cultures of knowledge. Previous work with online exhibitions, archives and participatory learning projects have won her international awards, and her collaborative artworks investigating various contemporary issues have been exhibited internationally.

Her current project involves the development of an inspiring space for creative ecological research at her family farm house in Pūkorokoro Miranda, New Zealand. This platform is focused on crossing cultural and scientific views, and is known as the House of Wonder (HoW). A current project within it is the creation of a walk to scale, through 'deep' or geologic time.

Trudy Lane works has previously worked as a digital media designer for the art and museum industries, as an artist collaboratively producing online works, and as an event organizer. Her personal and professional work reflect her interest in interweaving art concepts with online educational resources and social contexts.

Online exhibitions, collection archives and educational projects created while working with curator Steve Dietz at the Walker Art Center gained her international design and museum industry recognition.

Leaving the US, Trudy moved to Croatia to continue her work with the Croatian artist Andreja Kuluncic and the non-profit collective, MAPA. A multidisciplinary team of philosophers, artists, sociologists and programmers based in Zagreb and headed by Kulunčić, their works have been internationally exhibited at festivals such as Big Torino, Manifesta, Documenta, VIPER, Medi@terra, EMAF, and FILE, among others.

Trudy's work with various other cultural organizations while in South Eastern Europe, has helped produce a new socio-cultural contemporary art magazine online named ART-e-FACT, based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Upon returning home to Aotearoa New Zealand, Trudy has teamed up with Ian Clothier to organize a Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand (SCANZ) creative residency, symposium and exhibition event held bi-annually in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Event curatorial and organization:Intercreate (2005-present)current project:House of Wonder (HoW, 2011-present)online publication design/editing:Art-e-fact magazine (2001-2)collaborative work:Distributive Justice (MAPA, 2001-2005)exhibition design:beyond interface (Walker Art Center online exhibition, 1998)Net Art’s Cyborg[feminist]s, Punks and Manifestos (Rhizome online exhibition, 2005)