Shu Lea Cheang


Member Since January 1, 1996

Shu Lea Cheang is a mobilized digital migrant worker working in the fields of digital media,
film and net installations.

Her Net installation works were commissioned and permanently collected by Walker Art Center
(Bowling Alley, 1995), NTT[ICC], Tokyo (Buy One Get One, 1997) and the Guggenheim Museum
(Brandon, 1998-1999). Her first feature film "FRESH KILL" (35mm, 80:00), was premiered in
Berlin Film Festival in 1994. The second feature "I.K.U." (digi-35mm, 72:00), a Japanese scifi
digi porn was produced by Uplink Co.Tokyo and premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2000.
In the 90s, she has created interactive video installations that include Color Schemes
(Whitney Museum, 1990), Those Fluttering Objects of Desire(Whitney Biennale, 1993) and
To enter (The New Museum of Contemporary Art, 1993). Her recent gallery exhibitions include
Ota Fine Arts in Tokyo, The Project in New York and Julia Friedman Gallery in Chicago.
In year 2001, she exhibited net installation "Baby Play" at NTT[ICC] , Tokyo ; was part of Shopping
Window net art exhibition on and created interface-installation for "Everyone is an Expert"
project in "Make World" festival, Munich. In Spring, 2002, she acted as artist mentor on the theme of
"HUMANMATERIALMACHINEFACTOR" at DasArts, Amsterdam and joins the Sixth International
Browserday to create a wireless dinner "DRIVE BY DINING". She is co-curator of a net project,
" Kingdom of Piracy", premiers at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 2002. In summer-fall 2002,
she will be presenting "streaming the fields" in New York with a "Challenge to the Field" award from
Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fund. Currently she is developing a scifi porn feature with Innocent Pictures
/Zentropa in Denmark and Theatrum Digitalis for Waag Society/ for Old and New Media in Amsterdam.

Bowling Alley (1995) ,
Buy One Get One (1997),
Brandon (1998-1999)
I.K.U. (2000),
CARRYON (2002),
Baby Play (2001),
Expand (2001),
Everyone is an expert (2001),
Kingdom of Piracy (2001-2002, co-curation) ,
STOP (2002), Amnesty International Shine02 online art site,
apt (2002) ,
st(r)eaming the fields (2002),
theatrum digitalis (2002-2003),