River Hunt

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I'm an Artist, Writer and Visionary :)I work in a range of media exploring the fusion of fine-art and technology, influenced by memetics, nano-technology, human genome and a range of mind technologies. My work is exhibited world-wide through leading net.art sites. My main website http://www.riverhunt.org showcases my thoughts and ideas on fine-art in a technological warped world You may also be interested in my Model Human Personal Development and Mind Technology Review site: www.modelhuman.com Or perhaps my mind-technology/art site: http://www.deadrebel.comThanks for reading and feel free to get in touch, it's always cool to talk to other artists and collectors. Stay Creative, River.
July 22 2009 06:25 on Repackaging Nature

I found this work really intriguing, the 'Pure Culture' series is visually very thought provoking, and makes me think about the dynamism of evolution. The unceasing battle of nature to ...