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Nick Hasty is an artist, programmer, consultant & musician. He was the Director of Technology for for nearly 5 years. As an artist, he recently collaborated with Ryan Trecartin in building the user-generated video art platform, and he plays drums and electronics in the Brooklyn-based band Source of Yellow. He received a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Georgia, and holds a Master's degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program in the Tisch School of the Arts.
April 23 2013 12:56 on Breaking the Ice

Hi Michael,

Just to clarify, Rhizome makes no money from these announcements (and would never think of doing so). The only posts that generate income for the organization are non-member ...
We're going to announce the voting dates this week. Thanks for your patience everyone.
Dec. 30 2010 12:39 on Support Rhizome

HI Marius,

There is a page like this:

Email me if you need more information:


NIck Hasty
May 19 2010 22:23 on The Demoscene -- an Overview

Parallel conversation happening over at Hacker News:
March 4 2010 16:57 on FAVICONTEST

Love it!
Aug. 12 2009 18:07 on Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus

Hi Tim! The buttons should work now. I added QT and Director buttons too.

Thanks everyone!

Aug. 12 2009 12:26 on Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus

Hi again Michcael,

.dcr support has been added to the bb code. So flash, quicktime, and director are all supported. Your old posts are all functioning once again.

Let me ...
Aug. 12 2009 10:40 on Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus

Hi Michael,

I believe we switched to bbcode just a few months after the site was last redesigned. I'll work on adding .dcr support to the bbcode and then update ...
Aug. 11 2009 17:43 on Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus

Hi Michael,

Flash and Quicktime are still supported and should work via the bb code ( [flash]URL[/flash] & [qt]URL[/qt] ).

Check the guide: ...
Hi all,

I apologize for my lateness to this discussion, but it came up right when I was leaving on a much needed holiday. I wanted to address some of ...
April 23 2009 12:03 on Rock the Vote!

Thanks for posting those, Scott. I'll clean them up. :)