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Marcin Ramocki is a new media artist living Brooklyn. His works have been exhibited at MoMa, Hirshhorn Museum, Pacific Film Archives, Art Futura, Wexner Center, ZKM, ACME Melbourne, Le Palais de Glace Buenos Aires and many more.His recent project include the feature documentaries 8 BIT and Brooklyn DIY. Currently Marcin teaches New Media at Jersey City University. (
Aug. 17 2010 01:51 on Required Reading


thanks for this voice of reason!

Aug. 15 2010 21:19 on Required Reading

I am kinda torn about this one… on one hand we should support main stream art writers who approach the clandestine territory of post-new-media fallout, on the other, the semiotic ...
Check these out as well… The article is in Polish only, but the demo videos r pretty cool!
April 3 2008 22:10 on The Rematerialization of Art

I agree that organizing a show around collecting work is a wimpy concept… but I don't see how this is the case.
This is a bunch of good work first ...
April 3 2008 20:05 on The Rematerialization of Art

Tom, just wanted to add a few question/comments:

1. What exactly is the problem with organizing a show around collected artwork?
Seems completely natural to me. What is the ...