Aleksandar Maćašev

Member Since June 21, 2004

Aleksandar Macasev is a Serbian artist and designer, who works in a very broad range of visual and interactive arts (painting, graphic design/arts, web art, advertising). He is best known for using the Internet as a platform for art, as well as for using mass media vocabulary in his work. His artwork often blurs the boundaries between visual culture disciplines. He began his art career as a painter, and later switched to new media, web and graphic arts, while working as a designer for several major advertising agencies in Serbia. He has written extensively on art and design for several Serbian art magazines (such as "Remont"). He has taught Interactive Design and History of Visual Communications at the BK Academy of Arts in Belgrade, and given guest lectures in the United States. He received a degree in architecture from the University of Belgrade in 1998. He is a member of AIGA, Art Directors Club of Serbia and the Serbian Association of Applied Artists. His work and a complete resume are available at article
April 29 2009 14:27 on After the Amateur: Notes

Amateurism born out of "I can't be bothered" pure joy of the first take. There's no time (and no need, for that matter) for over-polished and super-produced art. Just do ...